Neuroscience & Mediation

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A unique walking tour of the brain with a complete view of the different parts of life that shape it! Maximize your life with this exceptional tour.


 “A recollection of life must read book. Amazing transformation of self as the book uncovers life ahead of every human being.” 

Vi Nedd-Jackman, author of A Healthier 'You-Est' You! 

“Neuroscience adds a lot to your skill set and can be used to help resolve any conflict. This is a book any leader should have on their desk.” 

Steve Nathan, author of Bridging the Political Divide  

 “What a fascinating book on neuroscience and mediation by author Thalia Veintimilla. She is able to take various concepts and show how individuals can transform themselves through education and science. If you haven't tried mediation as a way to solve conflicts, this book will show you a path to grow and be confident in yourself and in life with you and others. This is a must read!” 

Gary J. Vien, author of Lead orGet Out of the Way!