Table of Contents


Brain as a masterpiece

You will learn in detail what has our brain been able to achieve during the years and what is it able to achieve in an everyday basis. Why hasn't it achieved peaceful patters with the world. 

Education in our schools

You will be able to learn about the different school systems and the tactics of teaching. How these systems create a brain as a masterpiece bringing balance to mediation at work, at home and around the world. 

Neuro-mediation in our work

As we grow into sound decision makers into adulthood, we will be dealing with many adults in our negotiations for the rest of our lives. Adults from all walks of life. In this section you will be able to learn negotiation skills in order to talk with any brain to achieve your goal. 

Mediation with other cultures

A great amount of years of research has been given us the chance to learn from what tactics have worked years ago to become the best mediator in international conflicts. What responses have been brought to achieve such negotiations. 

Caring Parenting - Adulthood Cycle

The cycle of life then continues on and starts with a domino effect. This section is dedicated to learn from the acute system of parenting that either enhances the brain or sets the stone to problems ahead. 

Chemicals food in and out of the brain

You will also learn in this book the amount of toxins we insert in our bodies and how it alters our brain chemicals. The surroundings we give to ourselves dictates the balance of such chemicals from other senses. You will learn the foods that feed the brain to achieve balance.